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BREQ-2 in Spanish

The Spanish version of the BREQ-2 was developed by Professor Juan Antonio Moreno Murcia and colleagues at the Universidad de Murcia, Spain. The validation of the Spanish version is described in:

Moreno, J. A., Cervelló, E. M., y Martínez, A. (2007). Measuring self-determination motivation in a physical fitness setting: validation of the Behavioral Regulation in Exercise Questionnaire-2 (BREQ-2) in a Spanish sample. The Journal of Sport Medicine and Physical Fitness, 47, 366-378.

The items in the Spanish version are in the same order as in the English language BREQ-2, so the scoring instructions are the same as for that version.

Download Spanish BREQ-2 in pdf format
Download Spanish BREQ-2 in MS Word format



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